Public Storage Pico Rivera, CA

8340 Washington Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660
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      Anthony Arana

      December 24th, 2021- From Public Storage

      Hey brothers and sisters , what's wrong with the people that run and 0wn places like this. I'm very disappointed with the person behind the phone ,I called today because I had vacated my unit on the 19th , I believe 11 days before the end of the month , guess what guys I was up to date on my payments, but they will not credit you any days,they do not prorate, so even if you move 3 day after you make your last month's payment you will not get a refund of any kind, it is in the contract, but in my opinion it's pure greed , the goodness in people is gone ,for the love of money is the root of all evil, I will say though that in the five years I was there my stuff was never messes with, ( 5 years ) they did however raise my rent from 147 to 211 after I believe 6 months because of the winter months. The lady when I called of the back said why would I think I would get a refund, very condescending , very proud. Anyway glory and honor to our heavenly father YAHAWAH in the name of his only begotten son YAHAWASHAI.

      Julie M

      December 21st, 2021- From Public Storage

      Was a pleasure getting helped by Jackie and Varron

      Jorge Morell

      December 15th, 2021- From Public Storage

      By far the best experience I've had with any storage facility. Very secure and safe, also great location.. Jackie and crew are very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for storage small or big.

      Emily Stevens

      December 8th, 2021- From Public Storage

      Jackie and Toni are wonder employees . Super helpful girls . Great energy! Best public storage I’ve been at !

      Gabriel Lopez

      December 4th, 2021- From Public Storage

      Jackie and Toni are great they help me with rental

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